Try The Free Demo For SILENT NIGHT, A Holiday Horror Game


While horror games are generally focused around some kind of apocalypse, other world or realm, and anything that can relate to the Halloween holiday, there is something about having a twisted Christmas that also grabs the attention of fans. Be you a fan of horror or of the winter season, going through a series of dangerous and creepy events as you uncover a secret or complete an adventure is sometimes exactly what you are looking for.

Diving right in to the holiday horror is the development team Darkling Room with publisher Iceberg Interactive in their latest game, Silent Night. While the full game isn’t set to launch until Q1 of 2019, when the winter season is at its coldest, they have released a free demo for all to enjoy through the 2018 holiday season. Check out the teaser trailer:

Their demo is up now on their Steam page for all interested players to try out. Featuring full controller support already as well allows you to decide which set up you would prefer using.

Silent Night is the new stand-alone installment of the acclaimed Crown ghost-hunting adventure franchise. This expansive preview includes the first few hours of gameplay, set at Northfield Church during an endless Christmas Eve. Filled with a spooky atmosphere, a few puzzles to solve, and plenty of locations to venture through, this free demo certainly seems to be perfect for any horror fan to enjoy during the main holiday week.