Is There A Ghost Stuck Inside SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY?


Some evidence has come to light that shows that there may be a phantom NPC stuck inside the coding for Super Mario Odyssey. Many may have missed or overlooked this poor group of coding that never found its true home due to how it disappears when you get closer to it.

Located within New Donk City, our ghost-in-question can be found the moment that you arrive. Before making your way across the impossible jump, using the electric line to get across typically, you have to look over on the very far corner of the city. There you will see an excited NPC, jumping up and down while looking over the railing into the fog-covered abyss below.

As anybody who has played the game before knows, if you fall down there, you die - despite the fact that you are perfectly fine jumping off the tallest buildings and landing on the ground below. So this brings to question, what is down there that causes death if the fall isn't what does it? Better yet, why is somebody so excited to be looking out at it?

Here's the video where they show off the Disappearing Man NPC:

Ok, so maybe the use of ghost or phantom is a stretch. I would think the most plausible idea is what our YouTuber, Neon Jigglypuff, was talking about; the NPC is in the wrong place and the developers likely forgot to remove him from the beta. My problem with this remains though; why does he disappear?

If he were simply a placeholder that was left on accident, that wouldn't be cause for him to vanish when you get nearby. If it was a glitch that he is disappearing, why is it so consistent with no effort? This very well could just be another creepy Easter Egg in the game that was left by the developers, who have left multiple creepy Easter Egg's in past Mario titles. The answer seems right, yet almost too simplistic.

What do you make of our Disappearing Man? Is he an Easter Egg, forgotten placeholder, or something darker?