SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Has 19 Perfect Reviews So Far, And The Rest Are Astoundingly High


The reviews for Super Mario Odyssey are in, and it looks like Nintendo has yet another legendary game on their hands. As of writing, the game has 19 perfect reviews, and the rest are incredibly close to being perfect as well. Universally, everyone seems to be a fan of the game, as evidenced by the review-roundup found below. 

EDGE Magazine - 10/10

Famitsu Magazine - 39/40 (10/10/9/10)

Jeux Vidéo Magazine - 19/20

Irish Independent - 6/5 Cached - 10/10

GameRevolution - 5/5

Gamespot - 10/10

The Guardian - 5/5

The Verge


CGMagazine - 9.5/10

VentureBeat - 100/100


Nintendo Insider - 10/10

Critical Hit - 10/10

Tech Advisor - 5/5

IGN - 10/10

Press Start - 10/10

Eurogamer - Essential

The Daily Star - 5/5

Game Informer - 9.75/10

Pocket Lint - 5/5

GBA Temp - 8/10

Polygon - 9.5/10

Ars Technica

Pocket Gamer - 10/10


Giant Bomb - 5/5

The Independent - 5/5

Empire - 5/5

Yahoo! Finance - 5/5

The games lowest review on that list is from GBA Temp, whose main complaint is that the vast open worlds have very little to do. While I will agree that the worlds are massive from the playthroughs that I've been lucky to try, they're definitely jam-packed with secrets that the reviewer may not have had the time to explore in the short time between getting his review copy and the release date. At the same time, everyone is entitled to their opinion and this guy could be the sole voice speaking the truth in a circle jerk that is excited to be playing "The Best Mario Game Ever". 

Even in its lowest review, Super Mario Odyssey has been declared a system seller. No doubt those who own a Switch will be buying the game en-masse on release day, and those who are still hunting for a Switch will pick it up upon purchase. 

Is this what everyone expected from Super Mario Odyssey, or are there a few surprised out there to see these glowing reviews? 

Source: Reddit