Latest Trailer For DARQ Shows How Mysteriously Strange It Will Be

Fans of the mysterious puzzle game genre have a brand new title to look forward to. Planning to launch during Q4 2018 is the mind bending indie game Darq by Unfold Games. There has been a few teaser trailers on YouTube for this game already, each one launched a year apart, but the latest trailer really shows how strange this game will be. Defying gravity and most of the other laws of physics while avoiding strange creatures as the protagonist makes his way through a dark and mysterious world, all shown in a short and confusing way. Check it out:

Despite the fact that I really don't understand what is going on, I'm really excited for this game. It looks to be an odd mix of Little Nightmares and Limbo. I can only imagine we will have yet another silent protagonist here as well.

It's not often we come across truly intriguing games that we don't even really understand yet, but this is sure to be an interesting title. I think Darq has all the weirdness that a mysterious puzzle game should have, but what are your thoughts on this strange upcoming indie title?