Let The Record Show That SEINFELD'S George Costanza Owned A Virtual Boy

It just feels right that Seinfeld's George Costanza owned a Nintendo Virtual Boy. The console, for those of you who don't remember, was Nintendo's expensive and failed attempt at VR in the 90's. While the software wasn't terrible, the games were all red in color and gave blistering headaches to all who played it for any length of time. It looked like this:

The episode in which the Virtual Boy appears is "The Foundation" and can be seen in the background of George's apartment (seen in pictures below). Seeing this makes me wish they would've done an episode with George declaring the consoles supremacy and everyone else telling him it's a bust. Furious, George plays the console for several hours to prove a point and ends up in the hospital with a colossal migraine. The doctor explains to him the Virtual Boy is the cause and then tells him "it's a bust," and then the end credits freeze on an angry George. Look at that, I can write a show about nothing!