New AGONY Gameplay Shows Hell Definitely Isn't A Place To Vacation

Fair warning, this trailer is incredibly NSFW and will likely gross you out. That said, Agony looks to be the goriest and freakiest representation of hell I've ever seen. This latest footage has your character in control of a powerful demon as they torture their way through the innocent in an effort to reach the Tree of Life. You'll see throats cut, eyes gouged out, faces crushed, and a lot of nudity.

I'm not sure if a game rated "Adults Only," has ever sold well to the mainstream, but I have a feeling Agony could be one of the first. While it is repulsive, gruesome, and gory it certainly is the stuff of nightmares and definitely a hell I wouldn't want to vacation in. If this is what an eternity of suffering can be I need to find a church! Check out the latest gameplay of the in-development game below, and if you missed our past coverage, check it out here and here