Mads Mikkelsen Says He Got "Lost" While Hideo Kojima Explained The Plot Of DEATH STRANDING

If the brief footage of Death Stranding has left you confused, you might be disappointed to hear Mads Mikkelsen isn't any better off having heard the plot from Hideo Kojima himself. The actor confessed at a recent convention he had trouble following the plot for the much-anticipated game, but he is definitely excited to know more about the project: 

 “He was trying to tell me the whole plot of the game...And it’s so elaborate that… I mean, I got lost. But I really wanted to learn more.”

Mikkelsen also said he hadn't heard any rumors that actress Emma Stone could be appearing in the game as well, but that he thinks it would be "lovely," if it were true. If Stone is slated to appear in this game alongside Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo Del Toro that would be absolutely insane! I can't think of another game that has ever had that much star power, can you? Also, it's hilarious that Mikkelsen admitted he got lost in the game plot, but completely understandable considering Kojima's bat shit crazy storylines of the past. Hopefully we see more of this game at E3!

Source: Metal Gear Informer