SHADOW OF WAR Reveal Trailer: Will Shelob the Spider-girl Aid or Betray You?

Monolith have finally revealed Shelob as a main character in Middle Earth: Shadow of War at the San Diego Comic-Con, and have interpreted the creature in a way never seen before in the books of films. Have a look to see how the mythical beast is portrayed in this reveal trailer:

So here's an interesting twist that isn't exactly canon in the Middle-Earth universe. For all of us fanatical Lord of the Rings fundies, of which I am probably near the very top, this isn't a concept that should alarm us too much. Shelob was always known to be malevolent spirit in arachnid form. The spirit can take on any physical form, but the spider was the one it chose to reside in. 

So why not a seductive woman who entices Talon on a mission that could suit some dark objective of hers? This is apparently what is coming our way in the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Shelob presents Talon with a glimpse of the possible future, providing a means to save the race of men. However, Talon's spiritual elf passenger Celebrimbor cautions him against her hidden intentions.

I believe this is a remarkable touch to the game, bringing such an iconic legend to the game. Even though Shelob pretty much tried to kill Frodo in the book, its presence and potential intentions in the game have me utterly intrigued. And between Celebrimbor whispering in your one ear, and Shelob in the other, I am wondering if Monolith will give us a decision on who we ultimately listen to and the consequences of those actions.

Would you trust Shelob, if it presented itself to you in this female form? How do you feel about Monolith's interpretation of this arachnid spirit? Is Tolkien turning in his grave? Let us know your thoughts.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is slated for release on 10 October 2017 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, which will also be supported on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.