Modders Are Hard At Work To Fix the Disappointing PC Port of CHRONO TRIGGER

Last week, Square Enix surprised the gaming community by releasing a port of the popular RPG title, Chrono Trigger on Steam. Unfortunately, the hype surrounding the release quickly died down when players found out that the PC version is just a direct port of the mobile version of the game. 

Now, PC Gamer reported that several people in the modding community has stepped in to fix the PC port released by Square Enix. Modder Jed Lang, who was responsible for overhauling the poor port of Final Fantasy 6 has said that he will be revealing an update of the game with modding capabilities soon. 

“A couple of my trusted Twitter contacts actually tagged me in some of their conversations/articles, since they remembered what I did for FFVI,” Land said to PC Gamer. “I bought the game on Steam and immediately dove into solving some of the problems.”

Furthermore, Lang explained on Twitter how the background assets of Chrono Trigger “weren’t upscaled with an eye to tiling at all.” He also detailed that the UI of the game, could be difficult to tweak, since it is based on the mobile version that would present a problem when the game tries to resize based on the chosen resolution. 

Lastly, Lang explained that things will be easier to fix if he gets hold of all the original art in the game. 

“So, if we got ALL of the original art (characters AND backgrounds), my belief is that it’ll largely look ‘better’ (for some definitions of ‘better)-in that, it’ll probably mostly look like the original SNES game; with the caveat that it’ll be running with a few modifications of the Steam release.”

Given that most fans were disappointed in the PC port, it's a good thing that modders such as Lang, are trying to update the game, and optimize it for the PC. Hopefully, his attempt to mod the game would be successful. You can follow Lang’s progress with the overhaul of Chrono Trigger here.

Are you interested to see if Lang will be successful in enhancing the PC port of Chrono Trigger? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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