Check Out SPELLBOUND, The Next Game Of STARDEW VALLEY'S Publisher


We all know the humble beginnings of Stardew Valley, lone developer ConcernedApe was responsible for the development of the game, and publisher Chucklefish, took a chance on the charming farming simulator and helped bring it to market. Now, Chucklefish is starting a new venture, with another simulation game called Spellbound. 

Spellbound is a wizard-school simulator that will involve day to day activities including studying different spells, making friends, dating, tending to a variety of magical crops and creatures, and heading to dungeons to battle several monsters. Although one could think that the game was inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, Chucklefish’s interview with Red Bull confirmed that although the inspiration is there, the world they will be creating will be different from Hogwarts and will be less like Harry Potter. 

Furthermore, Chucklefish explained that “Spellbound is an idea several people at Chucklefish has been kicking around for a long time,” making the game somewhat a personal project for the team. In addition Chucklefish said that, “we’re attempting to portray a gameworld in which the characters have their own motivations and desires,” said Finn Brice, CEO at Chucklefish. As of the moment, the publisher still hasn’t released a launch date for the upcoming game. Currently, the game is confirmed for a release on the PC, although the possibility of a Switch version is very likely. 

On the other hand, Stardew Valley’s developer, Eric Barone, is also hard at work in developing another game, which he announced via Twitter last month. This “secret game” will not be a sequel to Stardew Valley, however, it will be set in the same universe as the popular farming simulator game. You can check out the details of his announcement here

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