MONSTER HUNTER: GENERATIONS ULTIMATE is Coming to the Switch this August

The Nintendo Switch is finally getting a Monster Hunter game coming this summer, which is good news for Switch owners who are fans of the franchise. However, the upcoming title is not the ultra-successful title, Monster Hunter: World, that was previously released a few months ago for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Instead, the Switch will be getting a port of the 3DS game, Monster Hunter Generations, on August 28. 

The upcoming game will allow co-op play with up to three players over online and local multiplayer. Furthermore, the Switch version of the game would allow players to transfer their save file from the original Monster Hunter Generations. The game is pretty much your standard Monster Hinter game where players journey through the world embarking on multiple quests as they hunt down particular monsters. Generations implement six different hunting styles in battle, and players have the option to choose from a diverse arsenal of weapons, armor, and other collectible items. 

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate was initially released in Japan last summer, but it was branded as Monster Hunter Generations XX (pronounced as “double-cross”). Of course, players should not expect that Generations will be as massive as the current-gen title, Monster Hunter: World. However, Generations still embody the classic Monster Hunter style of play, which is a good alternative for the Nintendo Switch. 

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