You Can Now Play IMMORTAL REDNECK on the Switch

The roguelike FPS title Immortal Redneck is now available for the Nintendo Switch, which is currently priced at $19.99. The inclusion of the game in the Switch’s roster makes it one of the only two FPS title available for the hybrid console, which is good news for Switch owners who are fans of the genre. 

The Switch version of Immortal Redneck is only a direct port of the game. So, players should not expect to see any new content on the Switch iteration besides the addition of gyro aiming using the Joy-Cons of the console. 

Immortal Redneck brings players to an Egyptian-themed first-person shooter, developed by Crema. The player takes corneal of a Redneck that came back to life as a mummy committed to discovering the people responsible for his death. The game will revolve around his quest for revenge and discovery of the truth, which is set in three continually shifting pyramids full of monsters from legends. 

In a press release, the co-founder of Crema, Guillermo Andrades revealed that:

“We’ve been dying (and resurrecting again and again…) to bring Immortal Redneck to the Switch. We know players want more shooters on the system and we think ours will make them very happy,” Andrades said.”

Immortal Redneck is now available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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