New Pokemon, Team Skull, And Surfing Raichu Revealed In New POKEMON SUN And MOON Trailer

It's been a good week for Pokemon as even more information about the game's villains, new Pokemon, and alternate forms have been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon! We received confirmation on the alternate forms of Meowth (Dark) and Marowak (Fire/Ghost) and also learned that Raichu will have an alternate form as well (Psychic/Electric)!

Many are wondering if perhaps this Raichu will be able to use surf since it's flying around on its tail. That would be cool and definitely a reason for me to evolve my Pikachu!

We also learned the name of that fish Pokemon that can turn into a larger Pokemon combining multiple versions of itself. Wishiwashi has the ability to turn into a "school" form mid-battle and be much more powerful than it's initial form. We also met Pyukumuku and Morelull who both look kind of goofy.  

Neither Pokemon look as goofy as the new antagonists for the series though. Team Skull comes off as a bunch of jive-talking island b-boys straight out of a 90s movie. It's actually kind of hilarious I think I'll enjoy them quite a bit. See it all in the trailer below!