New Trailer For BLAIR WITCH Showcases Horrifying Gameplay


Blair Witch was announced during Xbox’s E3 conference back in June. The team crafting this psychological horror is none other than, Bloober Team. The development studio that brought us Layers of Fear 1 and 2, as well as Observer. Besides the announcement trailer and a game-play demo, we really haven’t received much info regarding the game, besides what is on the official site, until now. Just this last week, we were given an official game-play trailer, that you can watch below.

Excluding the game-play demo, the trailer gives us a real first look into what the game plays like, along with some story pieces. What starts as a missing person investigation, turns into something much more sinister. We see that the dog can be used to seek things out, as well as dig things up. We also get a closer look at the, ever so persistent, Blair Witch. Blair Witch is available for pre-order/download, so you can be one of the first to experience this mind-breaking horror. It is set to release in just over three weeks on August 30th.