Nintendo Bringing Back The "Power" Tip Line For The Launch Of NES Classic

To celebrate the launch of Nintendo's NES Classic, the company is bringing back it's famous "Power Line". In the pre-internet world, when gamers needed help completing a game they had 4 options...

  • Magazines
  • Tip Lines
  • A friend who could beat it for them
  • giving up

Of course, magazines were limited in information, friends were reliable...but hard to reach if they weren't right next to you as cell phones weren't really a thing, which brings us to the "Power Line". Nintendo actually paid people to sit on standby with a phone and a binder filled with tips for any possible NES game people could have an issue with. 

From November 11th (launch day of NES Classic) to November 14th, players will be able to relive that era by calling (425) 885-7529 from 6 a.m.-7 p.m. PST according to Business Wire. I'm wanting to call in some prank calls like I did back in the SNES era. I was a big fan of Bart Simpson as a child...