Nintendo Has Combined Mario And Pikachu Into One Ultimate Being

What a time to be alive. Who would’ve thought that 2016 would bring us official merchandise where Pikachu and Mario get mashed up to form the semi abomination/ultimate world icon “Mario Pikachu”?

There is a surprising amount of merchandise for this thing. We’re talking Pokemon trading card game cards, plushies, and even a bad ass recreation of the classic Super Mario Bros artwork on a t-shirt!

Unfortunately, it appears none of this merch is planned for a Western release as of yet. The Japan exclusive line will launch on October 29th.

Can I just take a minute to say a Mario Pikachu video game would be amazing? Imagine having Pikachu’s attributes and Mario’s jumping ability! It’d be the most OP being in the universe! It might even be able to stand against Goku and Superman! Okay probably not, but it could for sure whoop on a few lesser heroes no doubt in my mind.

Thanks, Nintendo Life for showing us the glory of the future.