OVERWATCH Makes Its Way To The Switch

Well the last few days have had rampant speculation about the online multiplayer Overwatch arriving on the Nintendo Switch. Product leaks, like the Overwatch carrying case for the Switch, and source confirmations from insiders in the industry have all pointed toward the Blizzard property being released on the Nintendo console.

And now the rumors have been confirmed as today’s Nintendo Direct announced the news. The trailer indicates that the responsive controls for the Switch will factor into the gameplay, and there is an enigmatic teaser that describes “New Ways To Play” partway through the video. Whatever that means is up for debate, but there might be some added content for Overwatch that features when the Switch version releases. The mega-hit will be available October 15th, but there, as of yet, is no physical game card. It will be download-only.

If you’re a fan of the team-based FPS, this is your chance to experience it on the move. Taking a game as robust as Overwatch anywhere is pretty impressive, so we’re excited. Sometimes the Internet detective work pays off. With the band of merry misfits heading for the Nintendo Switch, we couldn’t be happier.

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