RESIDENT EVIL 7 Director Says Game Was In Development Before SILENT HILLS PT Demo Release

When the Resident Evil 7 demo dropped on PS4, the community was quick to jump on connections between the new game and the cancelled Hideo Kojima project Silent Hills PT. As similar as you may think the two may be, game producer Masachika Kawata and director Koushi Nakanishi tell Eurogamer the resemblance is "purely coincidental"...

Nakanishi: "We were already using a first-person perspective before anyone saw PT, so it wasn't as if we saw that and decided to do the same...It was already happening, so were surprised and - seeing PT and the reaction, it was a signpost for us that it was a good direction to be going in...As for the fact there are corridors and such, well, we had that in Resident Evil 1 in 1996. For us it's about going back to our roots. All of these things were going to be in the game."

Of course, there is more differences to the two games than similarities. Resident Evil 7 will be the first title to have it's story written by an American. There's also the VR experience PS4 owners will get to have when the system releases which could be a beast all on its own. Both developers spoke to the VR element of the game and the challenge in avoiding the hiccups VR has had with some gamers...

"Looking at what others are doing with VR, if you want to deal with the comfort issue - because some people do get sick - the most extreme solution is to just not have people moving, to be fixed in place. We saw that with our Kitchen demo last year, when you are strapped down and other things go on around you. That satisfies the needs of people who need to feel comfortable with VR, but it also limits the game for those who want a full experience. They want to get out into the game going on around them, so we challenged ourselves to make a game that lets them do that."

I've never tried to move while playing VR but I can tell you that games with choppy framerates really made me sick to my stomach. I'm not making joke there by the way, if you play one you'll feel like you're going to hurl.

Sounds like they got all their ducks in a row, the game looks terrifying to me and I haven't even had a chance to try the demo yet! Let's hope I can man up and experience a great game.