RESIDENT EVIL 7 Is Selling Well Below Capcom's Expectations


Despite overwhelmingly positive reception from critics and fans of the franchise, Resident Evil 7 is performing below Capcom's expectations. The company predicted the game will ship 10 million units in its lifetime, and as of writing the game has shipped 4 million units since it's launch in January. 

While that sounds like bad news for the game, it's worth mentioning that the title is still on track to become one of Capcom's most successful game to date. That record currently belongs to Resident Evil 6, which has shipped 6.8 million copies since its release way back in 2012. That said, RE6 launched in May and by October had sold 5.2 million copies, so RE7 has a bit of ground they need to make up if they wish to keep that same pace.

That shouldn't be too much of a problem considering the game is releasing their free DLC and expansion December 15th, which should boost some sales leading up to the holidays

Hopefully, the sales do well enough to keep the franchise interested in pursuing the new style of the series. If Capcom switches gears, would you like to see them return to the classic gameplay the series is known for, or try something even newer than RE7?

Source: Gamespot