Retro-Bit's METAL STORM Reprint Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

Image Credit: Castlemania Games/Retro-Bit

Image Credit: Castlemania Games/Retro-Bit

Update 9/17: The Metal Storm Standard and Collectors Edition are now available for pre-order at Castlemania Games and Limited Run Games!

Its coming, its finally coming, Metal Storm will be here soon! Yes I am pretty excited about the reprint of an old NES game. Why, because it will be the first time us in America will be treated to the proper version of the 1991 title, unless you own the rare Japanese version that is. When Metal Storm came to North America it had received a number of changes one of which was the color of the M-308 Gunner to orange, for whatever reason, and the removal of the in game story cutscene that played in the beginning of the game. The game was also made easier at parts due to the removal of some enemies. With Retro-Bit’s upcoming reprint we are getting a properly translated version of the Japanese release with all the original aspects of the game intact!

We have finally been teased with the final version of both the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition and Standard Editions! We also know that pre-orders will be coming soon courtesy of Castlemania Games. Through the Standard Edition players will get a boxed copy of Metal Storm in a black cartridge complete with a manual and double sided poster. The Collector’s Edition will feature this same boxed copy of the game but with a blue NES cartridge instead! A number of additional goodies will also be included such as a painted figurine of the M-308 Gunner, 2 art pieces, an enamel pin, and a certificate of authenticity. The Collector’s Edition will also come in a nice premium box to house all the extra goodies!

Limited Run Games will also be offering their own variant of the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition that will come with a silver cartridge.

Retro-Bit still has yet to reveal the official launch date of the game and when pre-orders will begin so expect an update once everything finally goes live. in the meantime be prepared!

Are you planning to pick up the Metal Storm reprint?