REVIEW - In Win BatMat Review

In Win Aluminum BatMat Gaming Mouse Pad

When it comes to the standard mouse pad, you can have the choice between soft or a hard surface. Most hard surface mouse pads are plastic. Not the In Win BatMat. This thing is metal and its sharp edges are partially inspired by a certain caped crusader's hand thrown weapon of choice.

Specs and Features

Unlike most conventional mouse pads, this thing is made out of machined aluminum. Not only does this thing have a large surface area it is also heavy which prevents any slippage during play. The hard metal surface allows mice to glide effortlessly across the surface and also allows mice to really utilize any high dpi sensors due to matte finish on top.

What I like

This thing is heavy, it feels like I can probably cut a watermelon in half by throwing this thing at it. What this means is for aggressive gamers this thing will not move when you're in the middle of a firefight. The large surface was also a great bonus for people who really like a lot of room for maneuverability. I also loved the super smooth surface, every mice we used glided effortlessly across this thing. The mouse pad also comes in two color variants, red and black.

What I didn't like

Ah... cold hard metal, perfect for swords and armor.  For a mouse pad though, it makes your hands and arm cold. Unlike plastic hard mouse pads, the BatMat spreads the chill throughout your arm when start your gaming session and it never truly goes away.


The BatMat is sexy and definitely pops and stands out in set ups. The generous amount of space, heavy weight, and rubber bottom makes long gaming sessions awesome if it weren't the fact that the metal freezes your arm to the core. Outside of that gaming mice can skate across the smooth surface and it makes the mouse feel completely effortless. If this is something you're looking for and don't mind a cold surface you snag one up for $39.99 on Amazon.

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