Review: SPACE HULK: DEATHWING Is A Mix Of Beautiful Scenery And A S*** Ton Of Insects

Fast Facts:

Game Title: Space Hulk: Deathwing

Genre: Action Space FPS

Platform: PC

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Space Hulk isn't a game you've played before. Its maps are larger than the typical FPS, the gameplay is far from linear, and the scenery absolutely stunning at times. If I could describe this game in one word, it would be INTENSE with the caps lock intentionally pressed. There's good and bad to that label, but let's start with the good. 

The intensity of Space Hulk does a good job at drawing you into its bizarre world. You're essentially a religious space cult looking to investigate your attacked Cathedralesque ships for survivors. These ships have been ravaged by humanoid bugs who are numerous and seemingly neverending. You'll fight zombie-like grunts who rush in hordes at your face, as well as troops with guns who seem just as intelligent as you are. Sometimes you'll do both in a giant sweeping room with Gothic architecture and you'll be so busy blowing brains against stained glass windows you'll forget to say "wow" in regards to how cool this all really is. 

It is incredibly impressive, and with the inclusion of multiplayer and numerous customization load outs for weapons and's also pretty damn fun. It's also draining at times!

This isn't a game you play if you're looking to relax. Once I finally made contact with enemies in the game, I don't think I went more than 6 seconds without firing my gun at a horde of enemies trying to rip my face off. Constant battle from one edge of the map to the other for 30 minutes (and that's if you don't get turned around) is as draining as it is INTENSE. It definitely feels a little easier when you have actual players with you, but not much. Missions are typically walk slowly from one side of the ship to the next and destroy something...and while that's the point of the game there could have been a little more variety. 

This game is best played multiplayer co-op, but single player is also a fine alternative...just a little frustrating. There will be moments where you're trying to fire your single shot rifle into a horde of enemies rushing down the hallway and your AI with the chaingun is too busy gunning down a single enemy behind you. Of course, you can command your teammate via quick controls to help you, but it's not always as responsive or convenient than if he just knew to do it to begin with. 

I've seen complaints about this game having a lack of variety in enemies...but I don't think that's a fair gripe. For all the work put into the gigantic ships and grotesque statues I can live with the bugs looking the same just as much as I live with the zombies in zombie games only looking like 5 to 6 people.

Final Thoughts

Space Hulk: Death Wing has its faults, but they aren't so big that you're going to get pissed at yourself for purchasing the game at full price. That said, if you happen to see this one on sale (which is is currently) and you're looking for a challenging shooter with tons of multiplayer fun this is an easy buy.