Escapists 2 logo.jpg

The long-awaited sequel to Mouldy Toof Studio's smash hit, The Escapists, is finally here! This time, in The Escapists 2, you are trapped in a space station that you will have to figure out just how to get out and one question to answer; can you escape?


There are 10 maps that you can play on, each being very unique in its own way. While each one will be a new challenge, it's crazy that there are even timed prisons you will have to hurry and escape from! There are a ton of ways to escaping, from digging a tunnel, to crawling through the vents, so it's up to you to find out which is the best way out!

On top of having a variety of puzzles from the multiple prisons and challenges, the combat system has gotten an overhaul, so you better be ready to defend yourself when the time comes! Your weapons could range from being a baton, lumber, a crowbar, or a few of other options laying around the station. This time you don't want to be found without a way to defend yourself!

Also, there are new customization options for your prisoners available, with over 300 combinations to make your character look just right.


The new graphics are very nice which makes the experience on screen easy to look at. It is quite an upgrade from the original game and added to the quality of the game itself.


The sound effects used helped bring out the space vibe and new music is amazing! They brought out the space theme and blended well with the new graphics. It was really satisfying to listen to, especially the new sound tracks!


With the new time trials and multiplayer, there is plenty of fun to be had when returning to the game after your initial playthrough! I couldn’t stop trying to escape thanks to how much I was really enjoying trying new ways to escape from the old prisons in different ways!

Final Verdict

I honestly can’t think of anything that could be better, I enjoyed every minute of it! I really enjoyed all the new things and the old aspects they brought back with their own improvements! They did a really good job with this sequel, hands down! If you enjoy games like this, or enjoyed the first one, this is a must buy!