Rob Scallon Plays SUPER MARIO BROS Theme on NES Modded into a Guitar


What’s better than playing an awesome cover of a beloved video game song on guitar? Playing said cover on a guitar that looks like the console the original game was released on. What’s better than that? Having the guitar body made with the shell of the console the game was released on with a working emulator machine inside. That’s what Rob Scallon has done recently and it is awesome. The guitar comes from Guitendo and is made out of the body of an NES that has been modded to have the guts of the NES Classic inside. If you want to own the guitar, you can purchase one or enter a giveaway before December 19 in the hopes of winning the guitar that Scallon uses. I’ve included a video of Scallon covering the classic theme from Super Mario Bros below:

I’ve also included a video of Scallon playing on the Guitendo while his friend plays the built-in emulator:

Even if you don’t play guitar yourself, there’s a decent chance you have a friend that does. Invite them over and challenge them to playing along to the games you play and get a custom soundtrack to go along with your fun Saturday night.

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