Rumor: POKEMON SUN And MOON HD Version Will Launch On Nintendo Switch

Eurogamer is reporting with a strong certainty that Nintendo is planning the first traditional Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. Sources are saying that an HD version of Pokemon Sun and Moon is currently in development for the console and will launch in 2017! Pretty huge if true, and there's even some evidence to back it up! Take a look at this picture...

This screen grab came from the Pokemon 20 announcement when it first was revealed that Pokemon Sun and Moon were in development. In the quick flash you'll see the team working on an HD model of the new Pokemon Pikipek. We never really thought to ask WHY this would be done for a Nintendo 3DS game, and now we have an answer. 

Here's the video that shows the image by the way...

Right now the project is codenamed Pokemon Stars, and probably not something Nintendo wants you to know on the day Pokemon Sun and Moon are releasing on the 3DS. I'm guessing based on the name this version will serve as the Yellow/Crystal/Emerald game of the bunch! Here's some random features that the game may or may not have (provided this rumor is true)...

  • Trading between Switch and 3DS
  • More catchable Pokemon
  • Higher resolution assets
  • Launching sometime Fall or Winter 2017

Nintendo and Game Freak both didn't say anything in response to the rumor when asked to comment, which leads us to believe there's some weight to this rumor. 

I can't even begin to think how bonkers the world will go to finally have a console version of a traditional Pokemon game! It sounds like Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to give us that fantasy console we've wanted them to make for so long! Remember this still isn't 100% confirmed, but I'd be surprised if we don't hear something about it come January. Who's pumped?