New FAR CRY PRIMAL 101 Trailer Shows The Brutality of The Stone Age

This new trailer is not only a showcase of the treacherous environment that Far Cry: Primal puts you in the middle of, but it also demonstrates some of the most brutal gameplay components of this spectacular-looking survival adventure set in ancient times.

Dual arrow shooting, bee-bombs, spear-throwing and berserker bombs that turn enemies against each other are among a long list of old-school approaches to taking care of business. Takkar’s ability to summon beasts will also provide some opportunities for creative survival strategy, such as in previous Far Cry installments when you could release caged animals on unsuspecting foes.

The same psychotic tribal rituals we’ve seen in most depictions of this era will also have a strong presence in Far Cry: Primal. From drinking a mysterious soupy eyeball concoction (a welcome recurring theme we've seen in previous installments of the series), it appears our protagonist will go on inter-dimensional, otherworldly journeys that will likely result in him regaining consciousness with a new increased ability to kick some serious Mesolithic ass.

Viewer discretion is highly advised as this trailer goes in depth about how far UbiSoft is willing to go to provide what looks to be the fiercest Far Cry experience yet.

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