See How MAN OF MEDAN's Movie Night Mode Was Created By The Fans In Their Latest Dev Diary

It is not uncommon for developers to look at how players are interacting with their game and then make changes that go with what those players were doing. Sometimes this involves removing content, but then there are teams like Supermassive Games who took the party game mode that streamers did with friends while playing Until Dawn and made it an official mode in their upcoming choice-based game, Man of Medan.

It was announced awhile back the different kinds of multiplayer options that this horror game was going to have. From there they expanded on how the Co-op, or Shared Story mode, would work. In this latest developer diary, the team goes over how and why they decided to creating the Movie Night mode. This mode will allow up to five friends to sit around, assign themselves a character in the game, and then control the actions that that character makes. Just as it would in single player, all choices made can either subtly affect the others or greatly impact the other characters in the story.

Check out the description for yourself in their latest video and start to get excited because Man of Medan is set to launch in just over ten days on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!