See The Dangers In THE SURGE 2's Action-Packed Combat Trailer


The next game in a cyberpunk series that many players have been waiting to be released is inching closer to launch. Deck 13’s upcoming game The Surge 2 is an action-packed hack ‘n’ slash style game that is full of dangerous enemies, both small and large, that are going to keep players on their toes. If you weren’t sure what to expect from the short glimpses the previous trailers have shown off, this is the trailer you have been waiting for their publisher Focus Home Interactive to drop.

Simply watching how they show the players character move in the fighting sections really drives the souls-esque style, just with even more movement options. Besides just dodging and well time strikes, you can see ducking and jumping over certain attacks as well. That movement option alone would aid in quick attack moments where we don’t want to put distance between yourself and the enemy, but don’t want to have to eat any damage either.

Honestly, this game has looked more and more interesting the closer it gets to September 24. The developers keep showing off more of what to expect and I simply can’t wait! What do you think of the combat trailer for The Surge 2?