Small Games, Huge Sounds: Indie Game Soundtracks — ROCKET LEAGUE

When Psyonix released Rocket League for download on PSN, fans were abuzz while sales skyrocketed way beyond what they had originally expected. When gameplay this addicting and entertaining is released, it’s a massive bonus to have the whole package sealed with an excellent soundtrack like this. Mike Ault is credited as sound designer and music composer, and he has delivered some high caliber electronic candy for your ears that matches the nonstop action gameplay of Rocket League.
Let’s take the Main Theme of the game for starters: 

Electronic synth sounds abound, complete with all the side-chained bass kicks, chopped up leads and gorgeous backing pads. Headphones are a must if you are without a nice boomy sub-woofer to get the full thumping effect.
On a personal note, I’ve grown to enjoy this genre a lot more since playing Grand Theft Auto V, and realize how great of a choice it is for a game like Rocket League. Maybe it’s the driving aspect of it, I have no idea how to explain the psychology. What I do know is that the vocals of Morgan Perry compliment the gorgeous and sometimes ethereal electronic sounds of “Flying Forever”:

The repetitive kick thumping through the intro of this track has a tone that doesn’t overpower but still hits plenty. I love how the bass, melody, percussive presets, and sweeping atmosphere pads follow up and drive this song along. At about 1:54, there’s a really classic piano synth lead backed by arpeggiated and panning background notes. It epitomizes what I find most enjoyable about this genre in general, its ability to entrance and stand on its own as a fantastic listening experience:

If you haven’t had the chance to play Rocket League, I, and many of us at GameTyrant highly recommend you give it a go. If you’re wrapped up in another game at the moment, here’s some excellent listening for your next drive either way. Minus the destruction derby soccer part, of course.
Rocket League Official Game Soundtrack by Mike Ault is available on iTunes.

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