Spotlight on Kim Justice - Famous UK Youtuber and Retro Gamer Columnist


I first encountered Kim Justice when the channel Kim presided over was in it's infancy.  Concentrating on Sega games of yesteryear, Kim brought list based content, featuring Top Ten Megadrive games, Beat -em Ups, Shooters presented in an interesting, real and humorous fashion.  I found myself not only subscribing but re-watching, hidden gems were revealed and overly familiar titles were given a new perspective.  It was becoming clear that this channel and it's presenter was something special.  Before long, this youtuber became one of the most popular of the UK broadcasters regarding gaming and it's history.

Kim's channel soon became popular and thanks to Patreon, the channel is completely self-sufficient, the videos became of higher quality and longer, the subjects became more ambitious, focusing not just on Reviews but on illuminating aspects of gaming history in extensive documentaries.

Soon the channel caught the attention of the prestigious and long running magazine - Retro Gamer, it was the mix of content stretching from the 8 bit UK microcomputers to the 32 bit era, games covering every genre and the insightful and fun commentary that intrigued them.  Kim was soon offered a column and has remained extremely popular on Podcasts and Expo appearances around the UK - it has just been announced that Kim is due to appear at the famous Blackpool Expo.

Kim was gracious enough to answer a few questions regarding his work and I truly appreciate the time that Kim has spent helping me on this article

Interview with Kimble Justice

Chris : Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for GameTyrant Kim, how and why did you get started - was it because you simply wanted to share the love of the games you played as a kid, or did you want to put a different spin on some of the takes already out there?

Kim:  I got started for a couple of reasons: Firstly because it was a good way to make videos for myself while I was doing my film production degree, and secondly because at the time it seemed like most reviews on YouTube were either negative or Nintendo-focused, and I wanted to be more positive and focused on Sega and what have all kind of went from there!

Chris:  You do some amazing Documentary style videos, they are comprehensive and presented in an accessible format - which was your favourite and which was the hardest to compile?

Kim: My answer to both of those would be the Rise and Fall of Peter's certainly the best one I've done to date, and it took a good 3 months or so to put the four parts together, not to mention watching so much Molyneux...I almost had to become him for that time, lol.

Chris: What system holds your heart to this day and why?

Kim: I would have to say that the Mega Drive is usually my go-to, but then there's also the Spectrum, Amiga and the PS1. All of these machines hold a special place for being there at one point or another - the Spectrum was my first, the PS1 was my teenage years...that sort of thing. Good times!

Chris: Have you a favourite genre and could you tell me some of your favourite gaming moments?

Kim:  I'm not sure if I really have a favourite genre as such. Maybe platformers? I have a few gaming moments: Completing FFVII for the first time, Getting 100% on Super Meat Boy, winning the World Cup in SWOS, virtually all of Bayonetta...there's a whole load.

Chris: What can we look forward to in the near future from Kim Justice?

Kim: I've got lots planned for 2018 - there'll be a new documentary series called "Disappearing Southend" which covers the history of arcades and buildings in my hometown. I'm also planning a new series based around UK Film and Television, along wiith the usual Kim goodness...and there's some other stuff I can't really talk about yet. Lots to be done!


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