Work Together or Die Together, GTFO Looks To Be A FPS Dungeon Crawler


One of the multiple games announced at The Game Awards 2017 caught my attention for more than just its gameplay and graphics. GTFO by 10 Chambers Collective, which including a game designer from Payday, looked amazing thanks to how the trailer started to the scenery of the action! Check this out:

If you don't see this to be a dungeon crawler game in the form of a first person shooter, then you aren't seeing what I see. Dropping in to a dungeon to search for treasures, avoid and kill monsters, all to most likely make a profit is the essentials of what makes a dungeon crawler what they are.

I am interested to dive within those caves myself and see what all lurks below the surface, find out what our goal is, and grab a few winning rounds with my friends. The fact that it is a four player multiplayer just screams Gauntlet to me. How excited are you to get this game on Steam come 2018?