SYSTEM SHOCK Getting A Remaster After 20 Years

If you were a PC gamer back in the mid 90's, you likely remember System Shock. Many critics would call it a much more complicated Doom in space. That wasn't to say the game was difficult to master, it was just a testament to Doom's easy controls! While it wasn't the top game of the mid 90's PC scene, it has gained quite a cult following throughout the years as some would go so far to say the game was ahead of it's time.

in 2015 the game was given a playable remaster that essentially made the game playable without putting a DOS emulator on your phone. Now, Night Dive Studios is upgrading the game to today's standards using Unity. Take a look at some pre-Alpha gameplay below for a taste.

Definitely looks better...but is it really as good as fans say? I'm curious to find out! The game has a Kickstarter on the way and is slated for Steam and Xbox One.