TECHLAND Announces Another Year of Free DLC For DYING LIGHT

If you haven't caught on yet, Dying Light is immensely popular. There are more playing fans since its release two and a half years ago than there are zombies in the games. I kid you not. Go count all the zombies running around in the game and see if you can find 500k of them.

Techland have been keeping fans like me happy with free DLC, and the fun won't be stopping any time soon. There will be another year of free DLC coming our way, with new creatures, enemies, mysteries and missions. Here Techland producer Tymon Smektala is giving us the lowdown of the 10 DLCs that can be expected in the next year.

Personally, I've been spending some time running around in my completed campaign modes doing some bounty missions just for the fun of it. I prefer using the silent bow more than anything else, but if it gets down to the hordes surrounding me I have no problem bringing out the assault rifle. In multiplayer, I've enjoyed being the Night Hunter zombie and chasing down some humans to feed on. More DLC can only be exciting and my anticipation for more content is running high!

Have you still been playing Dying Light? What type of new content would you like to see being released in the next year? Let us know.