Telltale Is Reportedly Moving Away From Its Old Engine

After making multiple game series including The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, and Game of Thrones among others, Telltale is reportedly replacing its old and almost outdated game engine. The news came from a report from Variety that confirmed rumors that the studio is moving away from the Telltale Tool in favor of the most commonly used Unity engine instead. 

For several years now, Telltale Tool has been the essence of our favorite series that puts players choices at the forefront of the gameplay, which impacts characters and the overall flow of the game’s story. Telltale Tool has been in commission even before the rise of Telltale’s popular version of The Walking Dead. However, in recent years, the engine still proved to be functional, but it started to feel outdated, which according to Variety, reflected on the low sales of Telltale’s more recent series. 

The upcoming Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us: Season 2, which was delayed into 2019, will be the first ever Telltale game to run on the Unity engine. At the beginning of the year, Telltale began scouting for Unity-experienced engineers as spotted on the studio’s website. Variety also explains that the move to Unity will serve as a fresh start for the studio after it underwent massive job cuts together with a lawsuit filed by its ex-CEO. A new game engine would symbolize a new beginning for the studio especially as they prepare for their new partnership with Netflix. 

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