The BATTLEFIELD V Multiplayer Trailer Seems Unnecessary, But I'm Glad We Got It


Probably one is the least needed trailers that is still impressive nonetheless from EA is their Battlefield V Multiplayer trailer. Everybody was already aware that the game would have a multiplayer aspect to it, just as the previous titles had, but it is a bit strange that they chose to go more cinematic than gameplay focused footage. Check it out:

It does look pretty badass and I'm happy to see that they are embracing Battlefield V in a way that shows they are putting care into the game. Let's just hope that it's not all show and we don't end up with another bug-fest while storming the front lines. Although, it did seem like there may be some co-op multiplayer available as well; based on that last bit of the trailer.

With the game already confirmed to take place during World War II, I wonder if they will be bringing back any classic maps from the previous online titles. The multiplayer trailer doesn't tell us much about what to really expect when playing online, unlike when they announced that there will be Battle Royale in multiplayer, but it sure does help continue the hype for the games release.

What are your thoughts on the Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer?