The Xbox One X Is Selling Out In Japan, But That's Not Good News

It's no secret, the Japanese are not fans of Xbox products. So when Japanese store fronts began posting "Sold Out" signs in regards to the Xbox One X, many in the gaming industry were astounded to see the country is running dry of its stock of consoles. A little further investigation proved this is true, although it doesn't sound like good news for Microsoft in Japan.

Apparently, the reason Japan is "sold out" of Xbox One's is due to the fact that they're only ordering as many consoles as folks come in and pre-order, and there are no plans to have the console simply hanging out on store shelves in hope somebody will buy them. So, anyone in Japan who wants an Xbox One X is most likely not getting one until they've ensured the retailer they will actually purchase it when it arrives. 

Of course, it's always possible someone who buys might return the console, in which case the retailer would most likely put it out on the floor, but it's absolutely wild to see Microsoft is THAT unpopular there. One Japanese electronics retailer even posted a sign that said they would not have the console at launch, or in the future. 

Of course, Microsoft isn't Nintendo, so they aren't 100% laser focused on the thoughts and feelings of a small island when there are billions others they can serve around the world, so life goes on. Do you think the Xbox One X will do well at launch? 

Source: Kotaku