Watch A Breathtaking Hour Of HORIZON: ZERO DAWN

If you're still one of those people who is remaining cynical about the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, shame on you. Look, I'm all for skepticism when it comes to gaming, I was brigaded when I spoke out about No Man's Sky weeks before it's release, but at some point, you just have to enjoy a game for what it will be. 

So what if you saw a glitchy cutscene in the early footage of the game? Both Fallout and Skyrim suffer from repeated unfixed glitches in their games and they're both GOTY worthy. Those cutscenes that people are cherry picking to complain about this game are at least on par with Fallout 4, and when you're looking at open world footage 10x more beautiful than any Bethesda map I just don't see the problem. 

Okay, I'm done ranting. Really I just want you to look at this 60 minutes of gameplay and appreciate the beauty and hard work that went into designing this world as opposed to jumping to the comments and parroting what you've read on other forums. Maybe this won't be a great game, maybe it will. What I do know is it's a departure from games we've seen and took a lot of effort to create and trashing it prior to release will only dissuade further creativity in the gaming industry! We need more original games guys!

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches exclusively on PS4 February 28th.