ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD New Motorcycle DLC Already Has A Mod


At The Game Awards 2017, Nintendo announced some DLC that they launched that night for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Well, it seems that this new item was nothing more than an opportunity for some mod creators as the motorcycle horse has already been modded to be a giant Sonic for Link to ride, complete with some rings in the land for him to collect! It's insane how quickly people take something their given and "upgrade" it to be anything that they want.

I have to say that it oddly fits very well and looks humorously awesome! After seeing this crazy use of Sega's iconic character in Nintendo's best title of 2017, taking the Game of the Year award for it, it just makes sense on more ways than just Sonic's speed being fast enough to match, or even surpass, a motorcycle.

I love how it they have Link holding on to Sonic's ears as the handlebars and their matching serious looking face. Makes me wonder if it, or even the DLC by itself, would of improved our reviewers thoughts on Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The mod was created by YouTuber WilianZilv who had created a similar mod for the Zelda motorcycle featuring Road Runner, but that one is unfortunately not available for download anymore. In fact, if you are interested in checking out different mods for Zelda: Breath of the Wild then his channel is primarily focused on modding that game. 

It's too bad the Road Runner one isn't able to be played with because it looks just as awesome as the current mod featuring Sonic. If you are interested in playing with this new Sonic mod, you can download it here. If you do plan to download it, better hurry before it is no longer available either. What are your thoughts on this crazy mash up?