5v1 Killer Co-Op Title LAST YEAR: THE NIGHTMARE Is Out Now On Discord

With the recently launched store section on the gamers top choice chat program, Discord, a few games have been set up to launch on their new platform. Among them is the next title that pins survivors against a killer in a do-whatever-you-have-to-do type escape game from Elastic Games! The 80’s high school themed action game Last Year: The Nightmare has launched on Discord and is currently available.

In light of their launch, they have put together a trailer that is much better than their original trailer, if you ask me. Take a glimpse into the mayhem with their launch trailer:

This game is going to let the survivors fight back as they try to do what it takes to get out of the locked down school alive. Complete tasks, navigate through the maze of the school, work together, and strategize together if you want to be anything more than another fallen survivor in this game. With multiple classes of killer for the opposing player to choose from, you never know what type of tactics you will be up against, so don’t let your guard down.

What do you think of this Discord exclusive title? Do you think you will be able to escape from the mad man lurking around the halls?