ALLISON ROAD Is Back From Development Death To Haunt You

The horror genre has been in mediocre shape for the past few years and just when gamers thought they’d get the game they’ve been waiting for in the form of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s now defunct Silent Hills, it was abruptly taken away from them, leaving many in a state of grief, anger, and disbelief. This loss is what fueled indie developer Chris Kesler to create Allison Road, the horror game we deserve, and what many consider to be the spiritual successor to P.T.

According to the official website this is the premise of the game:

In Allison Road you will take on the role of the unnamed protagonist, who wakes up one day without any recollection of prior events. Over the course of five nights it is your objective to uncover the whereabouts of your family, unravel the mysteries of the house, and face off against Lily and other dark entities that are nested deep within its walls, while the clock is relentlessly ticking towards 3:00am.
What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark in the safety of your own home? If you couldn’t tell what’s real and what’s not?
The single-player campaign will mostly take place in one British townhouse.
Your British townhouse.

And see for yourself why it has already amassed so many fans,

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and even getting a publishing deal the game was suddenly cancelled, but now, a few months later an announcement has surfaced on the Allison Road Facebook page stating that the game has been revived.

Although Kesler didn’t go into detail of what led to the cancellation, he gave some insight into what he’s been up to since then:

I took a bit of time off Allison Road, went back to work and had a good look at all the stuff that had been done up to that point.
I started making a few changes to the story, a few scribbles here and there, some layout tests and before I knew it it sort of organically picked up pace. Quite funny how these things go sometimes.
It almost felt like coming home. Coming home to a place you’ve never really left.

In an interview with IGN Kesler shared that the project will now proceed as an independent venture, and that at this stage he is confident of being able to continue development on his own.

For our gameplay trailer, I did all the modeling, texturing, shaders, lighting, etc., and thankfully a lot of the mechanics are already implemented from the previous development phase, so I can comfortably take the game forward by myself. If and when it comes to a point where new features and mechanics are required, or old ones need changing, I’ll go look for support.

One can only speculate on what happened and what kind of pressures he may have encountered along the road but he was also very clear in his Facebook announcement about this being a passion project and wanting to make it the best it can possibly be, so he won’t be rushing development just to make a quick buck.

Allison Road, when and if it is completed, is expected to release on both Playstation and Xbox, no word on PC availability.