DEEP ROCK GALACTIC First Impression: Cave Exploring FPS

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Creating an adventure game that has a mixture of aspects that players are willing to indulge in can be a difficult task to put together. Lucky for all the cave exploring fans and the first person shooter fans, the perfect game has been created for you to play!

Deep Rock Galactic by Ghost Ship Games is one of the most balanced and addicting cave exploring games I have ever experienced. Featuring a mixture of classes to play as, each of which could handle the game just fine on a solo run just as well as it does playing along some friends in its co-op.


There are four different classes to choose from, each with their own special gear, weapon type, and ability to handle the caves. When you are trying to find what class would fit you best, think of the type of player you are and pick the appropriate class. They are all set up to be the best form of the given class that fits the game style.

As you are going through the caves, which are randomly generated every load up so that no two missions will be the same, you will have a main objective along with a secondary objective. The more of both objectives you collect, including the extra material you find after meeting your quota, increases how much experience you gain from completing the mission. The mode that you pick will change what it is you are looking for, but they are only good for experience and now powering yourself up.

To power yourself up, you will need to pick the mission on the appropriate land sections. As you are picking a mission it shows you what material is plentiful and which is scarce within the cave, but note that if the material isn't listed then it isn't in the cave at all. This is the stuff you will have to go out of your way to collect and will only have self-benefit - no experience will be given for these items.

If you choose to play solo, they don't leave you high and dry. Since the game is made to be played as a co-op adventure, they provide a drone to join you on the mission and help you with both material collecting and fighting. If you pull out your marker device and mark material that is high up on the wall, it will fly up and collect it for you. That is one of the most helpful aspects of the drone since those are the most difficult sections of material to collect from.

As mentioned, the game is meant to be played as a co-op. Offering up to four player lobbies, matching the four classes that are offered. The smoothest games, in my experience, were when there was one of each class in the game, but it doesn't matter what class any player picks. Every class being made to withstand the caves on solo balances it in co-op as well so that all players have the freedom to play as they wish without penalty.

Probably the best aspect of the game is that there is no personal benefit to hogging all the material. It doesn't matter who does most of the work, the collected material is collected for all players in the game. It isn't divided between the crew either. The number collected is given out to each of the players. This is the game mechanic that has kept the game from having trolls and annoying random teammates in the game so far.

Graphics and Sounds

Everything in the game appears as though it is in its low-poly state, but even with the somewhat blocky style it looks crisp. Everything is easily distinguishable from the other and the low graphics provided are friendly for most people computers thanks to the low poly count style they chose to go with. When hordes start to fill up the cave from all sides, there is going to be a lot going on screen.

The sound effects are incredible for the gameplay provided. You can hear the difference when you are mining rock, gems, or other material inside the dark caverns. Each gun also has their own sounds to them and makes the battles seem almost real which heightens the intensity the game provides.


I am hoping to see them add a few more enemy types, perhaps even some more sections of land that we can traverse through. There could also be a much more expansive power up station for each of the dwarves classes. Currently you can upgrade your gear, but it seems like you should be able to keep adding so many more abilities or strengths to your gear that will help make you unstoppable.


Addicting and incredibly fun, Deep Rock Galactic is one game that you should not pass up. Even in its early access form, I can't get enough of the game. Constantly trying to improve my skills, knowledge, and gear, there is just so much to do in the game. The variety of modes provide players of all styles a way to enjoy the game, so whether you prefer to focus on mining or fighting, this is the perfect game to add to your collection.