E3 Trailer For SOULCALIBUR VI Reveals The Story

After announcing multiple characters leading up to E3, Bandai Namco has brought a story trailer for SoulCalibur VI to show off. There was already excitement for this game with multiple returning characters and popular newcomers, such as Geralt, but now we get a glimpse into what the story will hold this time. Check it out:

Embarking on a journey in the 16th century to find the two legendary swords, each with their own motivations, is no easy task. Many clashes between characters lie ahead. Based on what we saw, it seems that there will be a conflict focus between Nightmare and Kilik. For me, a Kilik main, this brings a whole new level of interest. He has already been shown to have an evil form in this Soul series continuation title.

I'm also interested to see how this will affect the many other characters in the series. Does the legendary swords have a positive or negative power that impacts any of its wielders? Perhaps we will see an evil form for everyone on the roster. This story trailer brought the main story to light, but has also brought a few questions as well.

What did you think of the SoulCalibur VI story trailer?