EXCLUSIVE: We Just Played DAYS GONE at FanX and It Blew Us Away

Excitement Turns to Foaming at the Mouth

I was excited about PS4 exclusive Days Gone before I stumbled upon an unexpected demo of the game in a Sony Playstation trailer at the SLC FanX convention. Let’s just say, after 30 mins or so of gameplay, my excitement has turned into foaming at the mouth insanity waiting to get my hands on the full version of the game. Also, the OST for Days Gone is live. Check it out now!


Initial Impressions

Gameplay: A bit floaty controls as I just spent 100 hours playing Sekiro at 60 FPS but overall, very solid feeling and all things said just darn... impressive! The guns look and sound awesome, melee is uber solid with baseball bat and table legs :) There were two modes available in the demo: Horde (super tough) and a story mission which I preferred. Played about 30 mins total. I confirmed that it was running on a Dev mode PS4. Very interesting.

Graphics: Unbelievably gorgeous. The textures, animations and environment/weather effects are perfect. We played on 42" 4K TVs. HDR wasn't even enabled so I turned that on manually (/facepalm for peeps who set it up) The rain and sunlight switching back and forth was super cool. I play mainly on a 4K capable PC and PS4 Pro in 4k. This is easily one of the most stunning games on any platform. It looks and FEELS intense, hopeless, and beautiful all at the same time.

Sound: Maybe even better than the graphics...?! Music is fantastic, weapon sounds are meaty and zombies are appropriately freaky! Solid voice acting so far. A bit of "Let's add a bunch of profanity to make it edgy" but that is just the part of the game I saw. We played on Sony Wireless headphones. The sound design was stunning overall.

Overall: I'm definitely buying the game after playing the demo. I am sad the Horde mode was SO difficult but uber impressive. Having that many realistic zombies coming at me was just intense. Didn't get to try the motorcycle out much but this is definitely going to be a system seller for Sony! Sorry, I tried to get video footage but the Sony dude was giving me nasty looks for just taking photos. I was shocked they didn't kick me out :)