HELLO, NEIGHBOR! Aims to Be an Interesting Experiment in Artificial Intelligence

The small, Russian studio known as Dynamic Pixel launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming first-person suspense game, Hello, Neighbor! In the game you play a man who has just moved into a seemingly quiet neighborhood on a sleepy American street. However, you soon begin to suspect the mild-mannered man across the street of foul play. You must use whatever you have at your disposal to infiltrate his home and see what he's been up to. He will try to trap you at every turn, and the more you do to stop him the quicker he learns your patterns.

Dynamic Pixel prides themselves in their unique artificial intelligence engine that will actually learn the way you think in order to better trip you up. It's been a long time since games have put so much emphasis on a tricky enemy AI. I hope if the project gets funded we get to see some truly interesting new game mechanics from Hello, Neighbor!

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