Horror Games Coming To The Switch In October

Two big Nintendo Switch releases are coming next month for horror fans. Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr will both debut on the portable console, so you can take your nightmares with you. Descend into madness and slake your thirst for blood anywhere and anytime.

For Call of Cthulhu, you play as Edward Pierce and investigate a creepy mansion on an island. Lovecraftian games are at their best when you must search for answers in a setting that gradually wears on your sanity. As a perceptive investigator, Pierce must unravel the mystery that law enforcement was unable to decipher. But the mystery is not the only thing that will unravel…

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From the developers of the episodic Life is Strange series, Vampyr infuses nuance and consequences into the dark underbelly of London. You play as a vampire doctor. Part of you sworn to protect and heal those around you in need. Part of you succumbing to the insatiable need for blood and sustenance. The war within you reflects the war around you as the disease-ridden and violence-plagued city collapses. The critically-acclaimed horror title is coming to the Switch, and we’re so ready to re-enter the masterful narrative.

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Watch the Nintendo eShop and physical stores for the release of these two thrilling tales. October and scary times are soon upon us!

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