WARSAW Brings Tactical RPG Gameplay To WWII

You probably haven’t heard of the Warsaw Uprising. The coordinated attack doesn’t receive the same attention as other operations from the Second World War. Polish resistance fighters clashed with the German occupying forces. It was the biggest military attack orchestrated by a resistance movement during the war, and the nearby Soviet army did nothing to aid the Polish combatants. There were a lot of casualties and the city faced deadly reprisals from the German army.

This citywide conflict is the setting for the upcoming tactical RPG WARSAW. The Polish studio Pixelated Milk is highlighting an under-appreciated theater of war, and the hand-painted graphics help tell the story of the beleaguered city of Warsaw. Civilians and soldiers alike band together to resist the Germans. Turn-based combat will require strategic use of the citizens’ skills. WARSAW doesn’t have to embellish any details of the war because the truth is already grim enough.

It’s rare to find games that present engaging and well-crafted gameplay within a historically-accurate setting. World War II is a frequently-visited source for video games, but smaller narratives like the one portrayed in WARSAW have yet to be lent a voice. We’re excited for how the tactical RPG introduces players to a new story deserving of an audience.

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