Incineroar Was A Great Additional Character For SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE


It’s no surprise to find Smash Bros games to always contain Pokemon characters in it, even when we saw two of the original twelve slots containing Pokemon in the original N64 title, but nobody was expecting to find another one to be added to the newest roster in Nintendo’s most hyped sequel. While it was initially a surprise to see another Pokemon added to the character roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it was a welcomed addition solely because of which Pokemon was chosen.

Incineroar is easily a good fit thanks to his canon type and fighting style. As a dual Fire/Dark type Pokemon, he comes out as a beastly Pokemon even in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon titles. His moveset and overall fighting style makes him easily fit in with the fighting roster found in the Super Smash Bros series. Even so, there are still many who wanted to know the reasoning behind his addition and this was Sakurai’s official response:

“When planning began around December of 2015, I had resolved that I had to have all kinds of fighters in the game. Generally, though, I can’t really add a character from a game that hasn’t come out yet to the roster… So, I left one character frame open for Pokemon, and after Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out I took another look at it. That resulted in Incineroar being chosen. I wanted to try making a pro-wrestler type character at least once! Incineroar is voiced by the late Mr. Unshō Ishizuka – of Professor. Oak fame – who passed away back in August; he had recorded new lines just for this game. May he rest in peace."


He is sure to make a difference in the roster as there really haven’t been any wrestler-focused fighters yet. This could also be an opening to a whole group of players who only like to play with characters containing this type of fighting style.

No matter how you look at it, the character roster that is going to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is as fitting to the title as the options of characters will be to the vast amount of players. If this is the last title of the Super Smash Bros series, that might just be fine with how large of a roster there will be.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is set to launch Friday, December 7th on the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited to see Incineroar added to the official roster or would you rather a different character take that slot?