Intense 2D Action Gore Game BLASPHEMOUS Releases Next Week

Bringing a challenging game in the perspective of a 2D action platformer is something that can be difficult as it requires proper balance to be beatable. This genre was mastered back in 2018 by the indie game Unworthy, but now we have a new game coming out that has much more color and atmosphere to go along with the challenging game style. Published by Team17 and developed by indie studio The Game Kitchen is the dark 2D action platformer title Blasphemous which is set to launch on September 10th for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Blasphemous is a game that shows some serious promise to the genre and looks to bring both sights and battles that won’t easily be forgotten. Given everything in their world full color and clarity for what strange oddity we are facing off against, this title is embracing the gory aspect of the hardcore action atmosphere. Even the trailer itself shows off some of the intense visuals, so when you check it out you will know if this is something you can handle.

If you are interested in Blasphemous and want to give it a try before you buy, then be sure to check out the Steam page and download their free demo. Otherwise, let the excitement grow from this intense game style that will hit the stores in just another week.