Konami Claims A New SILENT HILL Trademark And It's Concerning For Fans

With the infamous event that occurred between Konami and Kojima still bothering many fans of the extremely famous and influential Silent Hills PT demo, due to its cancellation, a question was left unanswered. Why won't Konami give up or sell the rights for Silent Hill to Kojima so he can finish the game they refuse to make?

We may finally have an answer. On March 19th, the company Konami filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Silent Hill on an intent-to-use basis. Meaning that they don't plan on letting the series die, at least not peacefully and dignified. This trademark was made with the following intent: Electronic gaming machines, namely, devices which accept a wager.

This means that we are looking at a game machine that could be another Pachinko, a slot machine, lottery terminal, or any other machine of a similar gambling fashion. While this could simply mean that they plan to bring their Pachinko machine titled "Pull the Lever" over to the US casinos, I fear for the integrity that Silent Hills PT still holds. For all we know, we could see Lisa in the next Konami special Silent Hill featured device.

You can see how uncharacteristic the made Pyramid Head in the "Pull the Lever" machine on the article that sourced my information over at Rely on Horror. It seems that fans of the Silent Hill series will have some more cringe worthy creations to look forward to existing in the nearby future over in the Western countries. How do you feel about the latest trademark claim by Konami?