New ATOMIC HEART Trailer Confuses In The Best Way

The steampunk RPG that we covered a few months ago has now come out with a cinematic teaser. And, boy, does it leave us with questions. Ten minutes of Atomic Heart gameplay has already been released, so indie developers Mundfish introduced us to the environment and mechanics of the game, but now we’ve a glimpse of the story.

The alternate reality depicted in the trailer reveals a Soviet Union that has advanced robotically and technologically, and the adventure FPS will be a mind-bending journey through that crazy world. It’s uncertain whether the individual in the trailer is the protagonist that players will control or some character that could be encountered in the game, but everything about Atomic Heart is exciting.

Gamers will play as a KGB officer investigating Facility 3826, and all of the terrifying machines that have appeared in the gameplay footage and cinematic trailers may be combatants thrust in the player’s path. With combat leaning toward melee encounters, the game feels similar to Bioshock and other steampunk adventures.

Atomic Heart will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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